Denise: ‘I won’t forgive Jason for evil comments’

Denise Welch has said she won’t forgive Dancing On Ice judge Jason Gardiner for the ‘evil’ things he said to her husband.

The 52-year-old Loose Women host and her partner Matt Evers were voted off the skating contest on Sunday after her husband, Benidorm star Tim Healy, confronted Jason on the show about his criticism of her performance. Jason responded by saying Tim had bad breath.

Denise revealed on Loose Women: “[When Tim got up to confront Jason] I nearly died… because I thought ‘He’s going to deck him’.

“He has got really protective over the last few weeks because he felt that Jason was being particularly mean to me. And I just said, listen, you know, Jason’s a friend off the ice… Some of the things he’s said today, he’s not my friend any more because I think he’s been particularly vicious and evil about Tim.

“Tim was protecting me and he just said it was instinctive.”

Tim called Loose Women to explain why he had got up to confront Jason.

He said: “I was sitting near the front… Luckily I didn’t chin him.”

Speaking about Jason’s comments on his bad breath, he said: “I’d just nipped out for a fag. He obviously doesn’t smoke.”

Jason is unrepentant for his remarks. He wrote on Twitter: “Those who think I was rude to Tim Healy can shove it. He got in my face with breath that smelt of stale p*** n alcohol whilst I was talking.”

He added: “I’m not perfect but at least I have oral hygiene.”

If you missed Denise’s husband Tim approach Jason during Dancing on Ice at the weekend, watch it here:

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