Donal: ‘I don’t want to win Dancing on Ice’

Donal MacIntyre has insisted that winning is not his priority in the Dancing On Ice final this weekend.

Contestants will perform a bolero, a new routine and a previous favourite in the showdown.

Investigative journalist Donal, 42, will go head to head with X Factor star – and hot favourite – Ray Quinn, 20, and singer Jessica Taylor, 28.

Speaking at a press conference in London, Donal said: “I don’t want to win. That’s not my journey… for Ray and Jessica I think it probably is they want to win… For me it is only about enjoying the ride… I shouldn’t be here.

“My motivation to be in the final is to be the best I can be… Trying to win is something that’s outside your control.”

Donal added: “If I don’t get to do the bolero I won’t be too disappointed because it requires me to throw myself on my bruised bum and hip at speed, in that classic ending.”

Donal said he thought Dancing On Ice was the only celebrity show where there was no pampering.

He said: “I think you’re probably treated better in the jungle… You make your own coffee, you go to the canteen and you nick people’s biscuits.”

Dancing on Ice: The Final take place from 6.55pm on ITV1 on Sunday.

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