Elen: ‘Dancing on Ice made me look like a diva’

Elen Rivas has blamed her early exit from Dancing on Ice on the way she was edited to look like a diva in her videotape introduction.

Elen told This Morning she thought the public had misinterpreted her fiery sense of humour for being bossy when they saw scenes of her telling skating champions Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean she was unhappy with her routine.

“In my videotape, all the people backstage who know me thought that was so funny, but for people who don’t know me, they might think, ‘Ohhh!'”

Elen added: “I didn’t mean it badly, I was just joking all the time. I’ve got a sense of humour and not everyone gets that.”

Speaking about her departure from the show, Elen said: “I was devastated. I didn’t want to go, I wanted to stay there, I had so much fun with everyone. I think it’s just the public vote, it’s just what happens.

“But I am going to continue skating. I can do many more things than that obviously, but it was a slow piece.”

Ex-Neighbours star Craig McLachlan, who was also voted out from the show, said he blamed his exit on other work commitments.

He said: “I’ve had a ball. It was well documented that I was kind of behind having not had as much time on the ice as everyone else.

“Australia might as well be the moon and Maria and I had difficulties with my shooting schedule in Australia. We’d have 10 days set aside for training, but I was shooting on location and you’d get a bit of rain and suddenly our 10 days became three.”