Kyran Bracken thinks a woman will win Dancing On Ice this year.

The former England rugby player, who won the show in 2007 and has been helping Heather Mills with her pre-show training, believes there are no stand-out skaters this year but it’s time a woman won.

Kyran said: “Early tip? Well I think some of the younger guns are pretty good – Gary Lucy is pretty special on the ice, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a woman who won this year.”

He added: “I think Sharron Davies looks quite handy, although Hayley (Tamaddon) – she looks very good with Dan Whiston, her partner.

“It’s up for grabs this year. There’s no Ray Quinn style person, or Chris Fountain, who’s obviously a very talented dancer or skater. So I think it’s going to be a level playing field, but it’ll be interesting to see how people do.”

The 38-year-old sportsman added there was no advantage in having stage or dance training, as he believes it is more about mastering the ice.

He said: “The reason I think I ended up winning was because I’m not the best dancer, I’m maybe not the best co-ordinated person, but a lot of the celebrities who took part in my year were probably scared of falling.

“Being a pop star and a good dancer doesn’t really help you on the ice because you’ve got to be able to skate first and I think that’s what helped me – learning to skate, and being a professional sportsman for so long, you learn very quickly.”