Dancing On Ice star Hayley Tamaddon has admitted she fears her dream of winning the show may be ended by her crippling nerves.

The Emmerdale actress – who is hot favourite to win the current series – told The Sun that she is so nervous before every show she is left trembling, and often breaks down in tears while she is waiting to perform.

“It’s horrible. I have to work on my nerves. I’ve got terrible jelly legs. No one has any no idea. My legs go all wobbly and I feel sick.”

Tamaddon added that she sometimes made mistakes on the show because of her nerves, and her skating partner Daniel Whiston has been teaching her breathing techniques to help her relax.

My nerves get the better of me a lot. Nerves in an adrenaline way are good, but when they take hold of your body they paralyse you,” Tamaddon admitted.

“Sometimes I’m at the point where I cry because I’m that scared. It’s something I’ve never felt before on stage or in a theatre.

“You’re on ice – on tiny little blades of metal. It’s real fear.”

However despite her nerves the actress said she was having the time of her life on the show.”I don’t want to whinge about it, I want to enjoy every minute,” she told the paper. “Every moment is happy.”

“We try to have as much fun as we possibly can,” she added. I could do this for the next ten years – I never want it to end.”