Coronation Street and Dancing on Ice star Hayley Tamaddon talks to TV Times magazine about rediscovering her confidence with help from the great British public…

You must be so busy – how do you juggle working on Coronation Street and Dancing on Ice?

“Juggling the two jobs is really demanding. Before Christmas, Dan [Whiston, skater] was following me around the country because one minute I’d be in London, skating till midnight, and the next I’d be on the train back up to Manchester ready for a 6am start at Corrie!”

You must be exhausted!

“The tiredness gets to you every now and then, but the cast are so supportive, especially Beverley Callard and Simon Gregson [Liz and Steve McDonald], and I’m just honoured to be doing two amazing shows at the same time.”

How are you finding it on Corrie?

“I love working with Simon. He is very clever and funny. He can ad-lib and the director will say, ‘Keep it, that was genius.’ You won’t find me doing that. I have been there a few weeks and he has been there for 20 years!”

Are fans ever a bit too involved with soap storylines, do you think?

“When I was in Emmerdale as Delilah Dingle, a woman hit me in Selfridges with her handbag because I had run away with £20,000 of Eric Pollard’s money. She gave me a right wallop.”

Is it true that you said you hoped to return to Emmerdale one day?

“I always said she should come back with a child and say to David Pollard ‘Here’s your son’, but I am in Coronation Street so it is not going to happen. I feel lucky and blessed to be in Corrie. Hundreds of people went up for the role of Andrea and they chose me.”

What made you want to go back to Dancing on Ice?

“When I signed up I instantly told them I couldn’t do the show with anyone but Dan! They just laughed at me and I had to wait to find out if I could skate with him. Now I’ve got him back it’s just absolute magic – our chemistry feels so natural and I think that shows on the ice.”

How are you finding time to train?

“Basically Dan’s moved in! When I’m in London he comes and lives with me and we spend the evening eating Chinese food, drinking red wine and practising lifts in the kitchen, which is hilarious. It’s a good job nobody can see us!”

How would it feel to win this ‘champions’ series of the show?

“To win the final ever series would be an absolute dream come true. Holding that thought in my head is what keeps me going every week. I just love skating and I am probably the biggest fan of this show, so I want to do well.”

Does it feel different skating on the show this time round?

“There’s pressure because we have won once before, but the series goes by so fast and the main thing is to keep improving and enjoying ourselves.”

Did you know that you’d be a good skater again once you got on the ice?

“I was a bit scared when we started – I’d lost my nerve, I’d put on a few pounds and I didn’t want to be picked up. The skating steps have progressed so much and every week I say ‘Now this is the hardest thing I’ve ever done!’ But I’m feeling much more confident now, especially after getting through week one, and I’ve got the public to thank for that.”