Heidi Range: DOI helped me through love split

Dancing On Ice celebrity Heidi Range has revealed that working on the show has helped her cope with her split from fiance Dave Berry.

Speaking to the Sunday Mirror the Sugababes singer said it had given her “a new lease of life”.

“The end of last year was awful,” she admitted. “Splitting with Dave was horrible and I’m not over it. We’re still great friends and I saw him last week, but it’s hard. But Dancing On Ice has got me through it.”

“The show has been brilliant,” she added. “It’s given me confidence and I’ve got my groove back.”

The singer also revealed she had lost more than a stone since she began her skating training, but admitted she had not had an easy time after her original skating partner Sylvain Longchambon pulled out due to injury – leaving her to re-train with new partner Andrei Lipanov.

“I was so scared going on to this show. Your legs go to jelly. I had to start afresh with Andrei and that was hard,” Heidi said.

“I learnt everything from scratch with Sylvain and it was different with Andrei. They hold me ­differently and you need to get used to it. But we’re fine now.”

She added, “I couldn’t skate to start with. I could stay upright and that’s about it. Now I go backwards and do crossovers. The lifts are terrifying, but once you get it they’re fine. I’m proud when I do a lift right.”