Holly Willoughby has revealed she is ‘bored’ by the size zero debate.

The former lingerie model, who is a size 12, was criticised for her figure-hugging outfits on the last series of Dancing On Ice, but she says she is proud of her figure.

And she’s even been heard expounding the virtues of Bridget Jones-style pants.
“I don’t think I’ve got anything to hide and I don’t think it’s a bad thing to say those things,” she said. “I find the size zero debate completely dull and boring.”

She added: “My only advice to other women would be go and do something far more interesting than worry about the size of your bottom.”

Holly has a similar attitude about her new-found celebrity status.
“If you’re in the public eye then it’s part of the deal that you’ll get papped out and about. That’s the bad bit, but the good bit is amazing,” she said.

“You get to do a job that’s fantastic and you live a lovely life. If the only thing you have to worry about is that someone might take a picture, then just smile. Make it a nice one.”

The presenter is fronting Ariel’s ‘Be Water Wise’ campaign, encouraging the nation to reduce their water waste.