Dancing On Ice contestant Johnson Beharry has said he wants to go back to Iraq – to try and recall the horrific attack which left him severely injured.

The 31-year-old Lance Corporal – who was awarded the Victoria Cross in 2005 after overcoming his injuries to drive troops to safety – told The Sun that he thinks returning to the scene in Basra would help him.

“I would like to go back to where everything happened to try to see if I can get closure, because I can’t remember where it happened or how it happened.”

Johnson was involved in two incidents in 2004, which occurred six weeks apart.

Although he remembers the first attack, in which he rescued colleagues after an armoured vehicle he was driving was hit by grenades, he has no recollection of the second, when his car was attacked again just weeks later.

“I just remember waking up in hospital,” he said. “I lost everything up to that point.

“But my brain is still remembering things and it has never managed to come out of it and wind down. I am still suffering from stress and pain in my head.”

Johnson added, “I am always in pain, but I have never let it stop me. It is mind over matter and I carry on. “If I could go back to Iraq it would help me or it could make it worse.