Injury has shattered Jennifer Ellison’s confidence

Dancing On Ice star Jennifer Ellison says she’s gone ‘back to square one’ after her nasty accident during last week’s show.

The former Brookside actress and Chicago stage star suffered a gash on her scalp after she managed to kick her head with her blade during a live routine.

Jen said the incident had been a setback at a time when she thought she had been getting better.

Viewers of Dancing on Ice saw the flexible actress hit her head during last Sunday’s edition as she performed a ‘scorpion kick’.

She carried on with the routine, but had to be patched up to stem the bleeding.

Recalling the incident on Friday’s edition of ITV1 chat show Lorraine, she said: “To be honest I felt not too bad afterwards considering the force I hit myself with.”

But she added: “I went into a bit of shock and it’s kind of set me back a little bit.”

Jen said she felt she had been improving for the past week or so, but added: “I feel like I’ve gone back to square one. I’m like Bambi.”

And she said her ‘setback’ meant she was behind with practising for this week’s show.

“We haven’t started our routine. I’ve had two hours to rehearse on the ice,” she added.