Jeff Brazier: ‘I’ve got to put a performance in’

Jeff Brazier has vowed to up his game on Dancing On Iceafter finding himself in the bottom two last week.

The TV presenter, who was saved by his fellow contestants in last week’s skate-off with cricketer Dominic Cork, admitted he needed to improve his technique on the rink.

“Personally I’m really happy with my skating, it’s just putting a performance together when it matters that seems to be my problem,” he said.

“For all of my friends and family [last Sunday] was probably the most stressful day they’ve endured for a while, but I hope not to put them through that again.”

Jeff warned that this weekend’s Las Vegas-themed show may bring some surprises.

“There’s now a required element in that you’ve got to do a step sequence and I’ve got a feeling that that might upset a few people.”

And the dad-of-two said he’s even learning to love the glitzy costumes on the ITV show.

“I don’t even bother checking what I’m wearing until they say ‘here you go, this is what you’ve got’. They can give me pink, red, violet, I don’t really care any more.

“It’s all tight, it’s all sparkly and that’s just part of it obviously. You need your skates, you need your sparkles and you need some ability as well, but I’m working on that.”

Watch Jeff’s week four performance here.