Katarina wants to wrap up DOI cleavage controvery

Dancing On Ice judge Katarina Witt says she will be more careful about how much she gets off her chest in future after some alarm was expressed about her cleavage.

The former Olympic skating star said her outfits looked fine in the dressing room – but being seated on the ITV1 show has meant more has been on display than she anticipated.

And Katarina joked that she hoped people paid as much attention to her words as to her plunging necklines.

The German star, who once featured in Playboy, joined the Dancing On Ice panel last month. But many viewers have aired their thoughts on Twitter about how distracting they have found her cleavage.

On Sunday night she appeared in an uncharacteristically demure outfit, with a buttoned-up blouse beneath a black jacket.

She told viewers of ITV1’s This Morning she had not been ordered to cover up, but said she was aware of what viewers were saying. “Of course you read the comments,” she added.

Katarina said her dresses were made by one of her favourite designers in Germany. “And the thing is when you wear those dresses and you try them on in the dressing room you are standing up – but when you sit down, everything slides down a little further so I should’ve watched it and I’m watching out now.”

Katarina said of the show: “I’m enjoying it very much, and it’s nice to be outspoken – I try to be honest, I don’t want to hurt anybody.”

She praised the bravery of the contestants and sent her sympathies to Jennifer Ellison, who hit her head with the blade of her skate during a manoeuvre on Sunday.

“Seeing what happened yesterday (with Jennifer) it’s always a big risk and my heart goes out to them for taking all those risks.”