No Ice romance for me, says Jeff Brazier

Dancing On Ice contestant Jeff Brazier has said that he has no intention of romancing his skating partner – as he already has a girlfriend.

The TV presenter told The Sun that he was not surprised romances did spring up on the show, having spent four months training for intimate routines with professional skater Isabelle Gauthier.

However he added that he only had eyes for his girlfriend of eight months Claire Springett.

“I have had my hands all over Isabelle for months – in a skating capacity,” Jeff said, “and I can completely see how other couples get it on.”

“I can see why people take it to the next level because if you are single there’s nothing to stop you from having that kiss – and a few other things as well!

“But I’m not single,” he added, “so I’m not involved in any romances other than the one I’m meant to be in!”

This year’s show has so far spawned rumours of romance between two of the couples – Hollyoaks’ Jennifer Metcalfe and partner Sylvain Longchambon, and former EastEnders star Sam Attwater and his skating partner Brianne Delcourt.

Jeff also revealed that he was excited about his routine for this Sunday’s show, which he said would feature several lifts.

“I’ve had tough moments on the show which have given me sleepless nights,” he admitted, “and I need a week where I just nail it.

“Sometimes you get on the ice and you can’t do anything, but I feel like I could win the Olympics this week, I feel confident.”