Heather Mills’ debut on US TV contest Dancing With The Stars provoked an abusive online backlash on Tuesday.

Viewers flooded broadcaster ABC’s website with messages about Sir Paul McCartney’s estranged wife.

Many focused angrily on her divorce battle with the former Beatle, saying she should never have been picked for the show.

But others supported her choice to enter the gruelling dance competition given that she only has one leg.

Heather and partner Jonathan Roberts scored 18 out of 30 for her foxtrot on Monday night – and in the end it was her upper body movement that drew criticism.

Six other couples were ahead of them in the rankings but they left four more trailing in their wake.
On the website, Olive71 urged fellow viewers: “America boot her off.”

She added: “Heather is a disgrace, not sure how she rates to be on Dancing With The Stars… She is a nobody and only became a somebody when she married the best rock musician, Paul.”

Mikesnf wrote: “Let’s all plot to get rid of this woman. I’m not watching the show nor will I be until she’s gone… I’ll vote like crazy to get rid of Heather Mills.”

Others stuck up for Heather however.

Harleyblues wrote: “Regardless of Heather’s private life… Heather did quite well!!

“Better than some of the other contestants. Lots of courage and guts. I applaud her.”