Roxanne: Jason and Ruthie should be sacked!

Roxanne Pallett has called for Dancing on Ice judges Jason Gardiner and Ruthie Henshall to be thrown off the ITV1 show.

The 26-year-old Emmerdale star was axed from the competition on Sunday night, but says the behaviour of the judges was ‘petty’ and unprofessional.

“They should get rid of them. They might has well have two blow-up dolls sat there, they’re so full of hot air,” she told The Sun, adding that she was particularly unhappy with the name-calling that has taken place in recent weeks.

Ruthie forgot Roxy’s name on the show, while Jason notoriously likened her to a Cabbage Patch Doll. He also branded rugby player Ellery Hanley ‘Mr Potato Head’ and said Coleen Nolan looked like a “gingerbread man” doing a cartwheel.

“Jason needs to start extending his vocabulary and stop using childish metaphors,” said Roxanne. “Where did Cabbage Patch Doll, Mr Potato Head and Gingerbread Man come from?

“It’s not witty when you get that personal. It undermines them as professionals. You crave them to tell you something constructive so you can fix it, but after the second week I literally switched off.”

Roxanne continued her hostilities with Jason live on Monday’s edition of This Morning. The pair clashed after Jason started to praise fellow contestant Zoe Salmon’s ‘sincerity on the ice’.

“Are you mad? How do you [even] know what sincere is?” she asked him.

“I can tell you. You’re not. She is,” he replied.

But Roxanne admitted she won’t be losing sleep over the judges’ insults. “I don’t go home thinking about these people,” she said. “If I passed them in Sainsbury’s I wouldn’t knock them out with a melon. I would just ignore them.

“I actually think it’s a compliment that they have directed it to me, as they know I’m strong enough to handle it.”

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