Phillip Schofield has called complaints about the spat between Jason Gardiner and Karen Barber on Dancing On Ice ‘crazy’.

Around 2,000 people complained to ITV after the pair clashed on air on Sunday after the performance by soldier Johnson Beharry.

Viewers also complained to Ofcom after the row, which broke out when skating coach Karen, a former judge on the ITV1 show, took issue with the low score Jason gave the war hero.

He snapped back, saying: “If your opinion still mattered you’d be on the panel.”

The row spilled over into the results show, with Jason apologising, but branding Karen ‘over-emotional’, while she said he was ‘a nasty, nasty man’.

Phillip attempted to defuse the row today with a lengthy post on his Twitter page.

He said: “Right, enough. Please do not expect me to condemn Jason or to expect his sacking! Firstly he is a friend. Secondly a telly spat is not a sackable offence, even if it is misplaced.”

He also said: “It’s crazy Ofcom have been swamped by complaints”, adding that he was ‘a big fan’ of both Jason and Karen and said they should both stay on the show.

An ITV spokesman said: “The producers of Dancing On Ice have made it clear to Jason that this type of comment is unacceptable. Jason is sorry for his behaviour and any offence caused to Karen.”

Watch Jason’s comments about Karen Barber on last weekend’s Dancing on Ice: