Suzanne Shaw has been crowned La Redoute Celebrity Mum of the Year 2008. The Dancing On Ice star – mother to three-year-old Corey, son of her ex Darren Day – won the title after receiving 28 per cent of the public vote. Suzanne, 26, said: “I’m accepting this for all mums out there because it’s a hard job. It’s not just me, every mum out there who loves and adores their child does the best that they can do and they don’t come with a manual, we all do it differently. “The most honourable thing is feeling like I’ve got a pat on the back today for everything that I’ve been through. And I have been through hell and back when it all happened… being a mum I didn’t have the easiest time. “So to get where I am now and to have everything so good for us both, it’s an achievement. “The best thing about being a mum is the joy. The rewards are far bigger than anything else – the magic you see in them running around and the fact that their love is just so unconditional.” Suzanne and Darren split when Corey was a baby. But she is now in a happy relationship with Virgin Radio DJ Jason King, of JK and Joel fame. Asked if she wants more children she said: “I’d love to have a whole football team. I’d love more kids and Corey would love to be a big brother.” CLICK HERE FOR PHOTOS OF SUZANNE AND COREY