Suzanne Shaw: ‘My depression hell’

Dancing on Ice winner Suzanne Shaw has reportedly confessed she has battled depression for years.

The former Hear’Say singer revealed to The Sun that after the band split she relied on anti-depressants, resorted to binge drinking, suffered two nervous breakdowns and sunk so low she begged her mother to have her committed.

Suzanne, 26, apparently said: “I would binge. I often drank a bottle of vodka a night and at one point I thought I was becoming an alcoholic.

“If it wasn’t for my mum, who is a psychiatric nurse, I would have been in hospital. I wanted to admit myself. I knew I had lost the plot but my mum nursed me through it.”

The Celebrity Mum Of The Year – who had three-year-old son Corey when she was dating Darren Day – is now in a happy relationship with radio DJ Jason King.

She told the newspaper: “I love Jason very much. He is a fantastic man and a brilliant father to Corey but that didn’t stop me having a complete breakdown.

“I’d gone back on the anti-depressants soon after Corey was born, but felt ashamed that I couldn’t cope so I stopped taking them after six months.

“I would stay in bed for days on end, crying uncontrollably. I was frightened Jason would leave me but he stayed by my side.

“I managed to learn to forgive myself and nowadays if I have a low mood it passes quickly because I’ve learned to accept it instead of being frightened by it.”