Former EastEnders actor Todd Carty hopes he won’t requires Help! when he appears on Dancing On Ice for the second time…

Todd, you gave us one of Dancing on Ice’s funniest moments in 2009 when, while performing to The Beatles’ track ‘Help!’, you tripped on the ice and flew off into the tunnel. What can you recall from that moment?

“Well, I was supposed to go in that direction – just not in quite such a spectacular way! When I went through that tunnel, I think my children thought they’d never see daddy alive again. Thank god for the two guys backstage who pushed me back out, otherwise I’d still be there now!”

You’re most famous for being in Grange Hill, EastEnders and The Bill – but do you think the ‘tunnel incident’ is what people remember you most for now?

“Yeah, I think so. As that clip is on YouTube and everyone’s got a smartphone these days, it’s firmly in the memory of most people in this country. I don’t think I’ll ever be allowed to forget about it!”

Four years on, what made you agree to compete in this final ‘All-Stars’ series of Dancing on Ice?

“God only knows! Well, mainly just because it was the very last one and they kindly asked me to go back again. I didn’t even know if I still had my skates. But then I found them under the stairs and it was like they were winking at me and saying: ‘Are we going to do this again?’ So here I am – I know there’s no turning back now!”

How has training been going? And would you say your skating has improved?

“I’ve learned how to stop! I’m not as petrified of the ice as I was before, but I’m still not blessed with natural skating skills; I know my limitations. But I’ve survived once, so fingers crossed I will again.”

Have you suffered any injuries at all?

“Well, you get the odd knock and hurt your knees and ankles but every now and again you’ll be checked over by the physio. As long as I have a heartbeat, I’m still fit to go on the ice.”

What do you hope to achieve that you didn’t last time?

“I just want to have a laugh. I’m just going to muck on, wear whatever costumes they want me to wear, put my best foot forward and see what happens.”

You certainly proved popular the first time you appeared on the show – do you think viewers will save you from this weekend’s elimination?

“It’s great that the All-Stars are a mix of really good skaters and really dodgy ones – and I know which category I fall into. The public loves an underdog and I’m just happy to be having another go.”

Dancing on Ice continues on Sunday at 6.15pm on ITV