Desperate Housewives

*The new series of Desperate Housewives has not yet been scheduled* The Desperate Housewives are back for a seventh series – screening on Channel 4 on Sunday evenings with repeats on E4 on Wednesdays. After a dramatic series six finale the Emmy Award-winning show returns with a bang, jumping straight into the daily trauma of life on Wisteria Lane. At the end of the last series we were left wondering how Lynette (Felicity Huffman) was going to give birth while dealing with the’strangler’, whether Susan (Teri Hatcher) and Mike (James Denton) could raise the money they need and what plans Bree (Marcia Cross)has for her future. Back to the present day, Bree, who is beginning the process of rebuilding her life, risks her friendship with Gabby (Eva Longoria Parker) by revealing a secret that could tear them apart for ever. Lynette and Tom (Doug Savant) face a rough road ahead as they welcome a fifth child to their ever-expanding brood. Meanwhile, Susan and Mike’s financial worries have come to a head, forcing them to rent out their house. But when a face from the past mysteriously returns as the new tenant, neighbourhood suspicions arise. Who could it be? Speaking about the seventh series, Desperate Housewives boss Marc Cherry toldEntertainment Tonight:“The secrets get darker, the action gets jucier and I am going to try to make it sexier.”Marc may be referring to the new additions to the cast, including former 90210 star Brian Austin Green, who will be a working-class guy who becomes Bree’s new love interest, and Ugly Betty’s Vanessa Williams. Vanessa will play the wife of a professional athlete who is having marital problems. “She has money and style, but her background is different (than Gabby’s),” says Marc. “We are introducing her as Lynette’s best frenemy from college, so she comes and shines some light on Lynette’s choices. It is some of the best dialogue we have had on this show!”Keep logging on What’s on TV for the latest news, photos, video and previews of Desperate Housewives!The first episode of series seven will be screened first on E4 on Wednesday, 13 October and on Channel 4 on Sunday, 17 October. Keep up-to-date with Desperate Housewives news and gossip here at