John Barrowman makes more dreams come true as Tonight’s the Night returns to BBC1 on Saturdays…

Last year, John Barrowman helped members of the public who had always wanted to perform on stage live out their fantasies in Tonight’s the Night. Now, following his recent stint as evil Patrick Logan in Desperate Housewives, the actor and singer is back making more dreams come true as the Jim’ll Fix It-style show returns for a second series. We caught up with him to find out more…

The new series isn’t just about singing and dancing… We are still making people’s dreams come true, but this time they are about more than performance. One of them is connected with Formula One motor racing, which was great for me as I love cars. We have recruited some Hollywood and pop A-listers to help us out, too, and we are super-sizing everything.

I don various disguises to surprise people in the show… I’ve been everything from a care worker in an old folks’ home to a policeman and a flight attendant, and I was amazed nobody recognised me.

I’m living my dream, so it is rewarding to see other people experience theirs… I love seeing their reactions when you tell them you’re going to make a dream come true that they thought had gone for ever. It’s nice in this current economic climate to see good things happen to decent people.

We’re not like the big TV talent shows where they are looking for the next big thing… I enjoy them and, if I was starting out, I would probably have auditioned for them. But they are looking for a product, while we just want to give people their moment in the spotlight.

My dream would be to sing with Celine Dion… I would wet myself if I were on stage singing and she walked on behind me. My other dream was to sing with Barry Manilow, and it came true last year at Proms in the Park in front of 45,000 people. It was awesome.

I had a blast on Desperate Housewives… Since I appeared in it, people have said to me, “We didn’t think you could be nasty.” It’s my job to do different things, though – Captain Jack is a hero, John Barrowman is a showman and Patrick Logan is a psychopath.

I’m delighted that Torchwood is coming back… The fourth series will have 10 episodes, and we are filming in Wales, LA and all over the world.

I explored my sexuality in BBC1’s The Making of Me and I’d love to do more documentaries… It’s nice that the audience get to see another side of me. Doing a travelogue appeals, but I don’t know where I would like to go because I do like my creature comforts.

I hate ignorance and rudeness… If I see somebody being really ignorant to an older person that drives me mad. You should treat people how you want to be treated and if you are disrespectful to someone then be prepared for the consequences.