The cast of Desperate Housewives showed a united front at the writers’ strike in Hollywood.

Many of the show’s cast took to the streets outside Universal Studios, joining the mass of protesters gathered to stand up for LA’s writers’ rights.

An angry Felicity Huffman was keen to explain how stalled talks had affected the show: “Our production is shut down, we finished the last episode at around 10 o’clock at night on Friday and we stopped. There were some other scripts in the works, but nothing’s going to be done and it won’t until this gets resolved.”

The actress defended the writers’ argument that they deserve a share of future internet revenue on the shows they help make: “The [studios] get revenue from the ads, and we have that template of 19 years ago with the DVD sales where they said the same things, ‘we don’t know how much money it’s going to make so we can’t give you a good deal’, but we’ve wised up – once burned twice shy.”

Doug Savant, who plays Felicity’s on-screen husband, said viewers will be hit: “The people that are really going to suffer are going to be the audience because you’re going to see the two R’s – reality and re-runs.”

It wasn’t the first time Nicollette Sheridan had been out to show support for the writers: “This is my second day on the picket line and it feels great to be out here and see how many more people are showing their support.

“It’s extremely important because morale is very low, the conglomerates are not doing the right thing, the writers have gone to the table just asking for fairness, they’ve shown flexibility, but [the studios] are not budging, they’re digging their heels in and it’s the same rhetoric they were spouting from the last strike in ’88.”