Desperate Housewives star Dana Delaney has revealed how John Barrowman is fitting in on the set of the camp comedy-drama.

“I met him in the trailer yesterday – I’d never met him before. He is funny, he is irreverent and, oh my God, the stuff coming out his mouth! I just met him and I was like ‘who is this guy?’ – he’s great!

“We tend to say that the men are the beta males on the set – the women are definitely in charge.”

Dana admitted she wasn’t sure if she would be returning to Desperate Housewives next season.

“I find out in two weeks whether I have a new show or not,” she explained. “It’s called Body Of Proof. I think it’s pretty good, we’ll see. Otherwise I’ll be happy to be back on Desperate Housewives.”

Dana revealed that the current season of Desperate Housewives will end with high drama for Lynette.

Fresh from the final day of shooting, Dana – who plays Katherine Mayfair – said Felicity Huffman’s character features prominently in the last episode.

“I just came to visit because it was the last day. Felicity was in the last [episode] – it was a very dramatic scene and I tell you she did an excellent job,” she said.