Marcia: from Desperate Housewife to busy mum

Desperate Housewives star and new mum Marcia Cross has confessed she’s finding it tough to juggle her acting career with motherhood.

Marcia said she’s finding it tough to balance looking after her twin babies with the on set demands of filming the popular TV show.

She told celebrity news website “When they’re with me at work, that’s challenging, but when they’re not with me, it’s challenging too – I’m a new mother.”

“I can’t not see them for that long. I think if I have one full day, then the next day they have to come with me to work.”

Marcia, who plays neurotic Bree Van De Kamp in the successful series, admitted she sometimes has to keep the babies away from the clucky Housewives cast and crew members.

“I’m trying to keep them slightly sequestered on set because everybody’s screaming,” she smiled.

The star gave birth to her twin daughters, Savannah and Eden, in February – the first children for her and stockbroker husband Tom Mahoney.

The fourth series of Desperate Housewives will be shown on American channel ABC in September. Channel 4 will air the series in the UK at a later date.

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