Teri Hatcher admits: I’ll miss Housewives routine

Desperate Housewives star Teri Hatcher has admitted she will miss the routine of working on the show, which has ended after eight years.

While US viewers have already seen the finale episodes of the show, which aired there last month, UK viewers will have their chance to bid farewell to Teri’s character Susan Mayer, and the rest of the Wisteria Lane crew when the last two episodes are screened on E4 on Sunday.

“The thing I’ve become more aware of is that it’s so rare in this business to have a job where you go to the same place every day for eight years. It’s almost unheard of,” Teri said.

“What I loved was arriving on the lot, and the security guy knows you, you see certain icons like the New York street or jaws jumping out of the water, and you become used to that as your surrounding. It’s like my office.”

She added that it would be “very different not to have a pattern” but said, “I’m not sad. I know that I’ve been grateful for the show.”

The 47-year-old also said that one of the most memorable scenes of the past eight years was when her ditzy alter ego managed to lock herself out of her home completely naked.

“A lot of effort went into making those scenes look effortless because we’re on a network and you can’t see anything,” Teri revealed.

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