Wisteria Lane gets new Desperate Housewife

Wisteria Lane has a new Desperate Housewife – and rumour has it she makes better desserts than neurotic redhead Bree Hodge.

New character Katherine Mayfair, played by actress Dana Delaney, is moving into the famous TV suburb – and the star divulged a few insider secrets to Hollywood Extra about her character.

“She and Bree had a little clash over who can make better lemon meringue pie,” she laughed. “I offer her some tips to help her out – the poor dear.”

Ironically, Dana originally read for the role of Bree and was apparently offered the part but turned it down. So she jumped at the chance to appear on the show when producer Marc Cherry called again.

“He said ‘would you be interested in coming on the show this year?’ and I said yes,” reveals Dana.

“He then said ‘would you like to hear about the character?’ I said ‘yes but it’s still yes. No matter what you say it’s yes’.”

But in true Desperate Housewives fashion, there’s a dark secret lurking in Katherine’s past.

“When Catherine left Wisteria Lane 12 years ago, there was a reason – she had to leave,” Dana explained.

“There’s a very odd thing – the daughter she’s come back with is very different to the daughter she left with.”

US audiences will get to see Wisteria Lane’s newest addition when season four of Desperate Housewives airs on ABC on September 30.

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