Clunes rubbishes idea of Old Men Behaving Badly

Martin Clunes has branded the idea of a Men Behaving Badly remake ‘seedy’.

The 49-year-old actor starred in the hit 90s sitcom, but told The Daily Telegraph he is not keen on the suggested follow-up Old Men Behaving Badly.

Martin said: “I think it’s probably quite a seedy notion.”

The star suggested that these days, he’s very different to his Behaving Badly alter-ego.

While filming ITV drama Doc Martin on location in Cornwall, he deliberately doesn’t stay with the rest of the cast in case he ends up drinking too much.

Martin said: “Our house is away from Port Isaac, which is where everyone else is. I’d be lethal. I’d be in the pub every night and would get nothing done. Anyway, I have reams of pages of lines to learn every night.”

But he likes to think of himself a modern man, who shares the jobs of raising his 14-year-old daughter with his TV producer wife.

He revealed: “Yes, I’m a modern father, as are all… my contemporaries. And it’s not even worthy of comment, if you know what I mean. It’s just how it works. It’s a bit wrong not to muck in. We’re more muck-iny.

“I was really delighted when Emily [his daughter] wasn’t putting on weight and had to have some formula when she was a baby because it meant I could feed her. It wasn’t just the breast owners who got that treat.”