Julie Graham: ‘I hated Martin as Doc Martin’

Survivors star Julie Graham tells us about joining the cast of ITV1’s Doc Martin (Sunday) and having to do kissing scenes with one of her best mates!

You play PC Joe Penhale’s ex-wife, Maggie. Why does she turn up in the village?

“Although Maggie is divorced from Joe, she’s had some sort of trauma and is suffering from amnesia so she thinks they’re still married. She thinks it’s April 2008.”

Joe is pleased to see her. Is he hoping they’ll get back together?

“I don’t think he ever wanted to split up in the first place so he sort of goes along with it in a sneaky way, pretending they’re still married. It’s actually a very moving storyline. Joe is a lovely character and very funny. I know John Marquez, who plays him, really well. His daughter is actually my goddaughter.”

Are Maggie and Joe an unlikely couple?

“Maggie is the total opposite to him and you can understand why they split up! She’s very bubbly and confident whereas he’s flaky and a bit of a saddo. They were two people living in a very small village so they probably got together through lack of choice!

“Maggie is keen to rekindle a physical relationship, which freaks him out because he doesn’t want to take advantage of the situation. But then he sets out to impress her. He knows the truth is going to come out eventually so I think he’s trying to make her think he has changed his ways.”

Was it weird filming romantic scenes with your friend?

“Yes, it was hideous! Imagine kissing your mate? So we just closed our eyes and got it over with really quickly. It was one of the first scenes we did together so it was good to get it out of the way.”

You starred opposite Martin Clunes in the comedy series, William and Mary. How was it working with him again?

“It was really lovely and even though I’m only in two episodes, I stayed in Port Isaac for a couple of weeks. It was like having a holiday. But I’m used to Martin being lovely, as he’s good friend. So I hated him being so grumpy as the Doc. During our scenes together I didn’t like his character at all!”

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