Martin Clunes has called himself a ‘bunny-hugger’, revealing his love of animals in a new show.

The Doc Martin star’s Horsepower documentary looks at our relationship with horses and is the follow-up to his 2008 animal-related show A Man and His Dogs.

Clunes explained: “I’m a bunny-hugger really – I like most animals.”

He added: “I used to ride when I was a kid, then didn’t do it for ages. My wife Philippa is a frustrated horsewoman, she rode when she was a girl – and my daughter Emily’s been riding since she was two, sitting on Shetlands in Richmond Park, but now she’s brilliant. She’s nine and she’s a really clever little showjumper.

“We bought this farm and built some stables, and just to be able to join in, I bought a horse too, called Chester. I love him and it’s something that we, all three, can do together.”

The new series of the actor’s hit show Doc Martin starts on Sunday and Clunes explained that he’s hopeful that there will be more made.

He said: “I probably can’t say right now, but I think it just got easier earlier. I’ve got a sneaking feeling they’re not going to wait six months (to recommission) this time.”