The A to Z of Doctor Who star Jodie Whittaker!

We’ve taken an alphabetical look at the life of Jodie Whittaker, who was announced as the first female to play The Doctor in Doctor Who

We can’t wait to see Jodie Whittaker step inside the TARDIS in the Doctor Who Christmas special. If you want to learn a little more about the actress, here are our fascinating A to Z facts about her life and amazing career…

 A is for… Attack The Block
Jodie fought off an army of killer furry aliens on a council estate in zany sci-fi comedy film Attack The Block. This could prove very handy for a future TV Time Lord deploying similar tactics against Daleks, Cybermen and Slitheen…

B is for…Broadchurch
The ITV drama made Jodie a mainstream star. She had most of us in tears as devastated mum Beth Latimer grieving for her murdered son Danny in all three series.

Devastated mum Beth in Broadchurch…

C is for…Ceiling
Namely that glass ceiling she’s just cracked to become the first woman Doctor in Doctor Who.

D is for…Doctors
Early in her acting career back in 2006, Jodie had a small part in BBC1’s medical soap Doctors, playing Louise Clancy.

E is for…Emmerdale
Jodie’s nephew Harry Whittaker had Down’s Syndrome and played Leo Goskirk, a character with the same condition, in Emmerdale before his sad death aged three in 2014

F is for… Five Foot Five
Jodie is 1.67m tall which is 5ft 5in – the same height as Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe!

G is for… Guildhall School of Music and Drama
Jodie graduated from here in 2005, with a gold medal for acting.

H is for…husband
She’s married to Hispanic American actor and writer Christian Contreras in 2008.

I is for…Icon
As the 13th Doctor and the first female Doctor, Jodie is set to go down in British TV history as an icon and a role model for the younger generation of viewers.

J is for…Jodie!
But did you know her middle name is Auckland? Wonder where the New Zealand connection is?

K is for…Kris
She has an older brother called Kris!

L is for…Latimers
She won praise for her role as grieving mother Beth Latimer in ITV’s Broadchurch, who along with father Mark Latimer (Andrew Buchan) struggled to cope with her son Danny’s murder.

M is for… Marchlands
In 2011, Jodie memorably starred in ITV supernatural drama Marchlands alongside Anne Reid, Alex Kingston and Dean Andrews.

Jodie with the Marchlands ensemble….

N is for…Nice
We’ve interviewed Jodie many times over the years, and we’re glad to say she’s dead nice!

O is for…One Day
Jodie’s movie career hit its stride when she played Tilly in One Day, the 2011 weepie alongside Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess.

P is for…Peter Capaldi
The 12th Doctor, who will be handing over his sonic screwdriver to Jodie, was delighted Jodie landed the role. “She’s going to be a fantastic Doctor,” he said.

Q is for…Queen of the Universe!
As the first female Doctor in charge of the TARDIS she can fly anywhere in time and space, and we hope she comes across some famous Earth women over the years… How about Queen Elizabeth I, Jane Austen, Florence Nightingale, Bette Davis, Jackie Kennedy, and Margaret Thatcher for starters?

Could the new Doctor meet this famous leader?

R is for…Regeneration
Jodie will take up her new role when the Doctor regenerates in this year’s Doctor Who Christmas episode in December.

S is for…Smoke
Jodie starred opposite Jamie Bamber and Taron Egerton in Sky One’s firefighter drama The Smoke in 2014.

T is for… Trust Me
Later this summer Jodie can be seen in BBC1’s four part drama Trust Me. She’s playing Sheffield nurse Cath Hardacre, who loses her job then steals a friend’s identity so she can move to Glasgow to become an A&E doctor, leaving her alcoholic partner Karl (Blake Harrison) behind. Can Cath continue to fool her new medical colleagues Dr Andy Brenner (Emun Elliott) and Dr Brigitte Rayne (Sharon Small)?

There’s extra special intrest now for Jodie’s upcoming starring role in BBC1’s Trust Me


U is for…Understudy
In 2007 she stood in at short notice in a theatre production in London, replacing Carey Mulligan, who was unwell.

V is for Vain!
Jodie once said in an interview in 2010 that she was ‘vain’. “I’m a quiet person’s nightmare,” she said. “I’m a vain 27-year-old actress!”

W is for…White Wedding
Jodie popped up in 2009 South African romantic comedy film White Wedding, which told the story of a groom and his best friend racing across South Africa to attend a wedding.


X is for…Xeraphin
A telepathic species first encountered by fifth Doctor Peter Davison in his 1982 adventure Time-Flight. Could the Xeraphin cross paths with the 13th Doctor once again?

Y is for…Yorkshire
Jodie is a West Yorkshire lass. She was born in Skelmanthorpe on June 3 1982.

Z is for…Zeroes
In the video short Zeroes, we’re told Jodie played ‘Bubble Woman’… Does anyone remember it?

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