Ben Miller reveals: “I’m going to be a villain in Doctor Who”

Former star of Death In Paradise Ben Miller will appear opposite Peter Capaldi in the new series of Doctor Who this autumn.

“I’ll be playing a villain and it is just the best news I’ve had for ages,” he said. “I’m thrilled.”

Ben, a self-confessed “committed Whovian”, admitted keeping the news close to his chest hasn’t been easy.

“It’s so frustrating but it’s also one of those collusions you’re very happy to take part in. The secrecy of Doctor Who is stronger than MI5, not that there is an MI5.”

The 48-year-old father-of-two said his love for the sci-fi series has been passed on to his sons.

“Both of my sons are huge fans. It’s extraordinary, considering the youngest is just two years old and he already knows what a Dalek is, and who Doctor Who is. It’s amazing how they pick it up,” he said.

Ben – who was killed off in the Caribbean detective drama Death In Paradise, is already looking forward to sharing his experiences with his offspring.

He said: “We’re doing some filming this week and my seven-year-old son is coming down. He’s very excited.”

– Press Association