Veteran character actor Bernard Cribbins will return to Doctor Who in David Tennant’s final two-part adventure on BBC One at Christmas.

Bernard was last seen waving off the TARDIS as Wilf Mott, the grandfather of Donna Noble (Catherine Tate), at the end of the fourth series in 2008.

“It’s one of the greatest delights of my career to welcome Bernard Cribbins back on set, this time as a fully fledged companion to the Doctor,” executive producer Russell T Davies told Doctor Who Magazine.

“And if Wilf’s back, then the Noble family aren’t far behind! David Tennant’s finale also sees the return of Catherine Tate as Donna Noble because there are a lot more twists and turns with Donna’s story.”

Russell goes on to explain how he had a quiet word with Catherine about his plans for Donna at the series four wrap party, and she told him she’d do anything to keep her schedule clear.

“You might be wondering how Donna can return, since her mind is supposed to burn up if she ever remembers anything about her life with the Doctor?” teases Russell.

“Sorry, but you’ll have to wait until Christmas to find out!”

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