Billie Piper: ‘I felt dirty after filming’

Billie Piper has revealed exactly how she felt about playing a prostitute in Secret Diary of a Call Girl – ‘slightly dirty and uncomfortable’.

She was interviewed on This Morning ahead of Thursday’s ITV2 premiere of the drama and said: “I would leave work feeling slightly dirty and uncomfortable and that’s how I know I couldn’t be part of that world. That’s why I couldn’t go there and disconnect and emotionally detach myself. I couldn’t do that.

“But you know there are so many women that do it and in no way are we advocating it and saying that this is all right – we’re just telling one story.”

Billie said Call Girl will not be for everyone: “It’s all quite full on and if you don’t really want to enter into that world then you shouldn’t watch it, but it’s really insightful. It’s a taboo subject, nobody really knows anything about that exchange and it’s interesting.”

She also revealed how the fear of typecasting almost prevented her signing up for the role: “…it was tough. It was really hard to make that choice because you feel slightly responsible and you fear people won’t be able to accept that it actually exists and occurs in this world. Everyone remembers you for your last thing – endlessly.”

*Secret Diary of a Call Girl screens on ITV2 at 10pm on Thursday.

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