Billie Piper praises Peter Capaldi’s ‘brilliant’ casting in Doctor Who

Billie Piper has called Peter Capaldi’s casting as Doctor Who ‘a wise choice’ and said that it ‘makes absolute sense’.

The actress played the Doctor’s sidekick Rose Tyler when David Tennant was in the role and told Flicks And The City she was impressed with the latest casting.

She said: “I think it’s brilliant. I’ve always really loved him and admired him. I think he’s a brilliant actor, I think he’s both absolutely terrifying and credible with comedy.

“I really like the fact that he’s a bit older and I think it will open a whole new set of fans. I think it makes absolute sense. It’s a really wise choice.”

Billie is set to appear in the 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who, The Day Of The Doctor, in November, alongside David Tennant, Matt Smith, Jenna Coleman and John Hurt.

She said: “I’m just looking forward to the fans being able to finally see it, because there is relentless questioning about what is going to happen and I can’t say anything.

“It will be nice to be rid of the burden of that enormous secret. It’s like a gift to the fans really so all in all I think it’s pretty exciting.”

The 31-year-old also talked about what it was like going back to the role: “I never feel that anxious about returning because I’m friends with a lot of people and I’ve built some really good relationships. I always know it’s going to be beautifully written.

“I think you’re anxious on the first day in terms of getting back into the character and whether you’ve still got it there. Do you know what I mean? Otherwise, it’s pretty seamless and enjoyable.”

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