After starring with him in hit BBC2 political satire The Thick Of It, Chris Addison will be reunited with Peter Capaldi when he guest stars in Doctor Who this weekend and Chris says his old friend is the best Doctor Who in ages!

Chris will appear in the two-part series finale of Doctor Who, which starts this Saturday and says Capaldi has the “spirit of a classic Doctor Who”.

“I’ve said for years and years, long before Matt Smith was the Doctor, that for me Peter would be the perfect Doctor!” says Chris.

“Peter and I have been very good friends for years and as I was getting my costume fitted, Peter came bounding in straight from filming as The Doctor. He took me into the TARDIS and I sat in one of those canvas chairs and watched him be The Doctor. It was absolutely fantastic!”

Having been a big fan of the Timelord since he was a child, comedian Chris jumped at the chance to play Seb who works for Missy (Michelle Gomez) and the sinister organisation known as 3W situated in the Nethersphere, a heavenly place that viewers have glimpsed throughout this series and where people seem to go when they die.

“Doctor Who is the biggest show in the world so even if you weren’t a fan, of course you want to do it. It’s the one phone call you always want to get.”

Chris is delighted to be in the two series finale episodes that also feature Doctor Who’s classic enemy, the Cybermen.

“I’ve been a fan of the show since I was a kid,” explains Chris. “It’s the biggest show in the world so it was wonderful to be asked to be in it. I really think Peter Capaldi is a brilliant Doctor as well.”

‘Dark Water’ the first episode in a two-part series finale, airs on BBC1 at 8.15pm on Saturday 1st November.