Catherine Tate not really bovvered by the Doctor

Doctor Who star Catherine Tate has joked about her new character not fancying the Time Lord.

The comedienne was speaking at the launch of the fourth series of the new Doctor Who due to start on BBC1 on Saturday, April 5.

She joked: “Donna knows he’s an alien. She knows he’s got two hearts and she doesn’t want to see what else he’s doubled up on.”

She also said she unexpectedly loved having a doll made of herself: “When they showed me the prototype of my doll I loved it. I don’t think I’m supposed to love it as much as I do.”

David Tennant, who plays the time-travelling Doctor, said he did not mind not having a romantic connection with his latest on-screen companion.

He said: “It’s sort of the next thing to do. We’ve had a love story, we’ve had an unrequited love story, why not have this … they do love each other just platonically.”

But he refused to reveal whether he has signed up for future series. The actor is due to play Hamlet for the Royal Shakespeare Company this summer a commitment which means there will be no series of Doctor Who in 2009.

Writer Russell T Davies said the new series is not just for devotees.

And speaking about Billie Piper’s return being revealed before the show aired he said: “It’s a nice bit of a buzz and there’s lots of excitement.”

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