Catherine Tate to kill off Lauren

Lauren Cooper – the obnoxious schoolgirl who turned ‘Am I bovvered?’ into a national catchphrase – will be killed off in a BBC Christmas special.

Her creator, Catherine Tate, has decided not to film a fourth series of her hit comedy show because of commitments to Doctor Who, in which she’s playing David Tennant’s new assistant. According to insiders, the forthcoming Catherine Tate Christmas special will be the end of the road for her most famous character:

“It’s going to be Lauren Cooper RIP,” a source told the Daily Mirror. “Catherine thinks it’s time to kill her off, and she’ll be going in spectacular style.”

If Lauren does indeed die, rumours suggest that singer George Michael may have something to do with it. He has been signed up to star in the Christmas sketch and filmed his secret scenes earlier this summer.

The special will also see the return of Joannie ‘Nan’ Taylor in a sketch that flashes back to the 1950s. But Catherine says she doesn’t plan to introduce any new characters.

“I’m probably going to be sticking with the tried and tested rather than going for any shocks,” she says. “It will be the equivalent of a greatest hits album, rather than experimental.”

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