Daleks feature in new Doctor Who premiere (VIDEO)

The Doctor will face hundreds of his oldest enemies in the new series of Doctor Who.

A trailer, which will be broadcast tonight on BBC One, shows the Time Lord surrounded by the massed ranks of the Daleks.

The hero, played by Matt Smith, is joined by Karen Gillan as Amy and Arthur Darvill as Rory in the scene where he tells the croaky-voiced baddies: “You’ve got me, what are you waiting for? At long last here I am.”

The short clip also shows the Tardis hurtling through space and a selection of other monsters, including some well-spoken robots who tell the Doctor: “We’re very cross with you.”

It also shows dinosaurs, Sherlock star Rupert Graves as an Indiana Jones-style character in an episode that seems to be set in ancient Egypt and Alex Kingston as River Song.

Fans have already been told Matt Smith’s hero will star in episodes called Dinosaurs On A Spaceship and a western-themed story called A Town Called Mercy.

They will follow the first episode of the new series this autumn, which reunites him with his oldest enemies in Asylum Of The Daleks.

The new series of Doctor Who will be followed by a Christmas special and another eight episodes next year.

Watch a teaser for the new series of Doctor Who.