David Tennant has revealed it was ‘a great pleasure’ working with Kylie Minogue for the Christmas Day special of Doctor Who.

The pint-sized pop princess guest stars in the special as Astrid Peth, a waitress on board the Titanic, and viewers will see her get up close and personal with the Time Lord.

David said: “It was like working with anyone else because you know she’s an actor – she gets on with it, she learns her lines and she turns up and she’s great to work with.

“She’s easy going and she’s fun,” he continues. “I really like her and I really liked working with her so it was a great pleasure.”

Kylie said appearing in the one-off episode, Voyage Of The Damned, was ‘an incredible thrill’.

The special was screened on Tuesday before a celebrity audience at London’s Science Museum.

It also features Russell Tovey, Geoffrey Palmer as the Captain of the Titanic and Rita, Sue And Bob Too star George Costigan as baddie Max Capricorn.

Speaking at the screening, David also denied that he was to quit the role, saying the rumours were ‘a load of old nonsense’.

But Doctor Who is not the only special show viewers can look forward to this Christmas.

Comic Catherine Tate, who appeared in the Runaway Bride festive special of Doctor Who, is fronting her own special on BBC1.

And if the rumours are to be believed, it might be the last time her fans see stroppy teen Lauren.