The 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who is set to be a global event, following the news that it will be simulcast across the world when it is shown on November 23.

Initial reports have suggested that 200 countries have signed up for the historic broadcast, which will see people all round the world tuning in at the same time as those in the UK.

The move has been designed to prevent plot details of the top-secret episode from being leaked before those in other countries have had a chance to see it.

But while those in the UK can see the show at around 8pm, the move will see those on the west coast of America watching at lunchtime, those on the East Coast in the afternoon and viewers in Australia and New Zealand not getting their chance to watch until Sunday morning.

In the UK, the feature-length Doctor Who episode – which will be shown in both 3D and 2D – will also be screened at cinemas across the country as it is being shown on TV.

Although plot details have been kept a closely-guarded secret, the episode will feature both Matt Smith and previous Doctor David Tennant.

Meanwhile Jenna Coleman will have company in the shape of Billie Piper, who is reprising her role as former sidekick Rose Tyler.

John Hurt and Joanna Page are also among the stars of the special episode, which will mark Matt’s penultimate performance as the Time Lord before he departs at Christmas.

Earlier this week the Daleks were also confirmed to be making an appearance.