Doctor Who add some cosmic relief to Red Nose Day

BBC1’s Comic Relief night will include a two-part Doctor Who special.

The story, which has been specially written for Comic Relief by the show’s head writer and executive producer Steven Moffat, will see Matt Smith joining in the fun as the Time Lord alongside Karen Gillan as Amy and Arthur Darvill as her stalwart new husband Rory.

TV&Satellite Week magazinecaught up with Matt Smith to find out more…

So, what can you tell us about the story?

“It’s great. The set-up is that the three of us are all in the TARDIS together, and the TARDIS materialises within itself and there are two Amy Ponds. It’s a real jaunt and a bit of fun.”

Is there a bad Amy and a good Amy?

“I couldn’t possibly say, but she is quite pleased to meet herself, put it that way. Rory is bemused by the whole affair but, needless to say, two Amy Ponds in his life is no bad thing. Karen really enjoyed playing two versions of herself and it is a really funny performance from her.”

Was filming more fun than normal because it was for Comic Relief?

“We are always laughing during filming anyway, but it was really nice to get to do a sitcom-like story in the TARDIS. Sometimes it is good to do something out of context and stand-alone and not have a full story narrative to follow.”

How does it feel to be part of the Comic Relief tradition?

“It is a real privilege and I was really pleased to do it. I’ve become friends with Comic Relief founder Richard Curtis since he wrote an episode of Doctor Who and it’s nice to be involved in something that makes a difference in the world. Hopefully we can raise lots of money. Comic Relief has such a special vibe; it really is about people getting together for the greater good, which is a rare thing. The way the world is at the moment you look at all these tragedies occurring and a bit of goodwill goes a long way.”

Do you have any favourite memories of Comic Relief?

“It is something I always watched as a kid, but I think seeing Rowan Atkinson play the Doctor back in 1999 is one of my favourite moments. The sketch had Hugh Grant in it as well and I thought he and Rowan were brilliant. There is something exciting about getting people together like that as a team.”

What else are you looking forward to seeing on the night?

“I am looking forward to seeing David Walliams, and James Corden is doing some Smithy sketches too, which will be good, plus Take That are always fun.”

Would you ever like to take part in one of the big celebrity challenges, like this year’s desert challenge?

“Yes, time permitting. We are always filming, so it is really difficult. It’s wonderful that Dermot O’Leary and everyone have been having an adventure out trekking in Africa. I’d really like to go out there and do a special report one day as well.”

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