Doctor Who Christmas special sneak peek: Santa joins forces with the Time Lord! (VIDEO)

Wow. The series eight finale of Doctor Who was grim… Good Danny (Samuel Anderson) became a good Cyberman but is dead, masterfully mad Master/Missy (Michelle Gomez) is dead, UNIT scientist fan-girl Osgood (Ingrid Oliver) is dead, right after the Doctor hinted heavily that he’d like her to be his companion, Clara (Jenna Coleman) has said her goodbyes with a lie, and the Doctor (Peter Capaldi) accepted them with his own lie and is now alone in his TARDIS. Except…

Right at the end, Father Christmas (Nick Frost) appears and tells the Doctor: “It can’t end like that. We need to get this sorted. What do you want for Christmas?”

Here’s our sneak peek at the Doctor Who Christmas Special:

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