Doctor Who teaser: ‘Be very careful when you hear a creak’

Twelfth Doctor Peter Capaldi has given fans a chilling teaser about what to expect from his new enemy in series 10...

Doctor Who’s new enemy will be so scary viewers will be left frightened every time they hear a creak, according to Twelfth Doctor Peter Capaldi.

At a special screening of Doctor Who Christmas special The Return of Mysterio last night, head writer Steven Moffat, Peter Capaldi and co-stars Matt Lucas and Charity Wakefield were asked what enemies lay ahead for the Time Lord, and Capaldi came out with a chilling description of what to expect.

“I think that you should be very careful when you hear a creak, when you step on a floorboard,” Capaldi told the crowd.

“Where you hear a creak…I think you should think twice about what the creak is.”

Whispering, he said: “It may not just be a creak.”

And the rest of the series is all about to change thanks to the addition of new companion Bill (Pearl Mackie), according to Capaldi.

“It’s a whole different kind of energy,” he said.

“Because also her character is, ah….she doesn’t know anything about the world of Doctor Who, so in a way it’s a sort of reboot, because we take this back to its roots.

“It is essentially this mysterious stranger from outer space with his time and space machine, whisking Bill off into corners and blowing up monsters.”

The Christmas episode will see Capaldi team up with an investigative journalist (Charity Wakefield), and a superhero named Grant (Justin Chatwin) in a bid to save New York from an alien threat.

During a Twitter Q&A, Capaldi hailed co-star Matt Lucas as “one of the biggest and most talented comedy stars that the UK has ever presented”.

He said: ““He’s just an absolutely great person to have around and he makes me laugh all the time, and I think you’re going to really enjoy him in Doctor Who.”

Doctor Who: The Return of Doctor Mysterio airs on BBC1 on the 25thDecember at 5.45pm

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