Doctor Who fans thrilled by The Day Of The Doctor

Doctor Who fans around the world were left thrilled by the first ever showing of 50th anniversary episode The Day Of The Doctor on Saturday night.

The long-awaited feature length episode saw Matt Smith united on screen with previous Time Lord David Tennant – joined by John Hurt as an incarnation of the Doctor only briefly seen in the last series finale.

And the trio joined forces in the ultimate battle for Gallifrey, which ultimately brought redemption for Hurt’s character – previously revealed as the War Doctor.

The adventure saw them not only battling Daleks but also a troupe of Zygons with the ability to morph into humans.

Current sidekick Jenna Coleman and previous Doctor’s companion Billie Piper – aka Rose Tyler – also appeared in the episode, which co-starred Joanna Page as Queen Elizabeth I.

The episode also brought with it a few surprises including a very brief glimpse of Peter Capaldi – who will take over as the Doctor when Matt Smith departs at Christmas.

A close-up of the actor’s eyes was glimpsed briefly in a climactic scene as the Doctors joined forces in battle.

Meanwhile Tom Baker – who was the fourth Doctor – also appeared at the very end in the role of a museum curator, who seemed to be more familiar with Smith’s Time Lord than he was letting on.

The special episode was screened on BBC One both in 3D and regular formats as well as being shown simultaneously in 93 countries around the world.

It was also shown in 3D screenings at selected cinemas across the country – and is set to become the highest-grossing one-off cinema event of all time.

Following the broadcast viewers were treated to a brief glimpse of the Christmas special in the trailer for the BBC’s festive content.

Watch the trailer for the festive episode below.


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