Doctor Who: Meet Amy’s bloke Rory

He’s the latest recruit on the TARDIS and Amy’s faithful fiance. We meet actor Arthur Darvill to talk about his role as Rory in Doctor Who

Were you a big Doctor Who fan as a child?

“I was like Matt Smith, part of a generation that missed out on Doctor Who. I did watch some Tom Baker and a little Sylvester McCoy but yes, it’s a bit sad really.”

How does it feel to be a fully signed-up companion now?

“Great! Not many men get to travel with the Doctor so I feel very proud. Steven Moffat has written a great story for Rory.”

Do you think the Doctor has brought him along to stop Amy from trying to kiss him again?

“Yes! It is a strange dynamic between the three of them. Amy’s been obsessed with the Doctor for her whole life since she was a little girl. She’s made Rory dress up as him before! Rory has to man up and show his heroic side. The other thing is that the Doctor keeps putting Amy in these life threatening situations. That’s so wrong in Rory’s head – he gets very angry about that because he’d never put Amy in danger.”

You’ve worked with Matt Smith before haven’t you?

“Yes, in a play called Swimming With Sharks in the West End. We did that for many months and got to know each other quite well. It’s great to be working with a mate on Doctor Who, there’s no better place to work with a friend. I always tell Matt I want to buy a pencil case with his face on and funnily enough I did see one the other day!”

This week’s episode is set in the future – five years ahead of the first time we met Rory and Amy?

“Yes, in 2015. They’re living in Upper Leadworth now, Rory is a Doctor, Amy’s pregnant and… I can’t say any more!”

Are there any Doctor Who enemies you’d like to meet?

“The Cybermen are amazing – so human and yet so clunky. And obviously the Daleks – they rock.”