When the Doctor calls in Winston Churchill, he’s stunned to find him in cahoots with the Daleks. Actor Ian McNeice tells us about the Doctor Who episode, screening on BBC One on Saturday, April 17…

The Doctor meeting Churchill is quite exciting – two heroes together!
“Yes, I suppose I can say this too, that you know you can trust Churchill – you can’t really make him a baddy can you? He’s in the midst of the blitz during the Second World War and determined to beat the Nazis when the Doctor arrives.”

And he has a very dangerous secret weapon…
“Oh yes. The Daleks! They are working for the allies at the start of the episode. I’m not sure how much I’m allowed to say but obviously maybe all isn’t what it seems…”

Was it exciting to be in the Dalek episode?
“It was the icing on the cake to find out I was going to be working with Daleks – they’re iconic. I have lots of scenes with them and I can tell you they are terrifying! They’re slightly different in appearance in the episode but well, when they turn to look at you with their blue eye thing – it’s very unnerving!”

The Doctor and Churchill are old friends aren’t they?
“Yes, they know each other from old. I’m not sure which version of the Doctor he’s supposed to have met, but there’s a line where I say he looks different so it’s not this [Matt Smith’s] version. I think it’s a good twist and I hope it means I can reappear again at some point!”

Maybe Churchill could travel on the TARDIS?
“Oh no, he wouldn’t like that – he’d have to be in charge. He’s Churchill!”

What do you think of Matt as the new Doctor?
“There’s a huge weight of responsibility on his shoulders, but what I think comes across is his terrific energy. He has a quirkiness about him that stands him in good stead. I think he’s doing a great job.”