Doctor Who star: I won’t end up in rehab

Actress Freema Agyeman is so aware of the family audience of Doctor Who, she has insisted she’ll be as good as gold in her private life.

The actress, who was launched into the public eye when her role as David Tennant’s new assistant was announced, told Heat magazine that she accepts she’ll lose some of her privacy, but can ‘categorically’ promise that she won’t end up checking into The Priory.

“What I do in my private life should reflect Doctor Who being a family show,” she said. “But I don’t live an outrageous lifestyle.”

The actress who plays headstrong trainee doctor Martha Jones in the series says that her boyfriend of a year is ‘a little overwhelmed’ by the fevered interest in the show but says that she’s found a way of keeping him happy.

“He’s been on-set and gets excited about the monsters,” she said.

Despite Freema’s insistence that she’ll be a clean-living star, the 27-year-old still manages to leave some aspects of her private life to the imagination.

When asked whether she’ll be falling out of nightclubs without knickers on she replied: “Not nightclubs, no, but I couldn’t possibly comment on the knickers!”