Doctor Who star and filmmaker Noel Clarke is helping a group of London children at his old school to bring their Nativity play to TV screens this Christmas.

The man behind critically acclaimed film Adulthood helped the five to seven-year-olds at St Clement and St James School, west London, bring a little movie magic to their play.

Noel said: “It’s a fantastic opportunity to be able to return to my old school and give something back to the place where I started out in the world.

“The Nativity is an old tradition and is often the first chance that a child ever has to act, so it felt like a really fun and festive idea to come and do a little directing of a very different kind.”

The results will be filmed and broadcast on Sky Movies on Christmas Eve and will also be available on Sky Anytime.

St Clement & St James School head Susan Hussey said: “We’re delighted that Noel is coming back to visit his primary school, and bringing some Hollywood glamour with him.

“We’re very proud of what he has achieved and hope he can inspire some of today’s pupils to follow in his footsteps.”

The Sky Movies Nativity will be on Christmas Eve at 6pm on the Sky Movies Christmas Channel.