Doctor Who star says he WAS wearing modesty trunks

Matt Smith has confirmed viewers ‘definitely’ didn’t see anything indecent during Saturday’s episode of Doctor Who as he was wearing ‘modesty trunks’.

Show fans sent message boards into a frenzy when they were convinced they saw more than intended as the Doctor’s towel fell in the episode The Lodger.

A BBC spokesman said the actor wasn’t completely naked at the time, and Matt has since added: “They give you these modesty trunks they call them or something. They are flesh coloured trunks and I’m afraid I was wearing them. [Fans] definitely didn’t see more.

“It goes out at 6.45 on a Saturday, it wouldn’t be proper.”

The 27-year-old added that he has no problems with baring his body on screen.

“Oh it’s fine, I’ve done it before and I’ve just done it again afterwards. It’s absolutely fine. It’s always a bit odd because you’ve got, sort of, 40 people staring at you in your modesty shorts.

“But I think part of acting is about making yourself feel vulnerable and that certainly does it so, you know, maybe it’s doing something right.”

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