New crime drama Chasing Shadows will see former Doctor Who actors Alex Kingston and Noel Clarke swap time-travelling in the TARDIS for detection.

The four-part series, which will air on ITV, follows a crack missing persons field unit, which tries to hunt down serial killers who target vulnerable people.

Noel, who played Doctor Who companion Rose Tyler’s boyfriend Mickey Smith, takes on the role of DI Prior, while Alex – best known as Doctor Who’s River Song – plays Ruth Hattersley, an empathetic analyst from the Missing Persons Bureau.

Ruth’s main task is to rein in the brilliant but also socially inept and rather eccentric DS Sean Stone, played by Inside No 9’s Reece Shearsmith.

Sean is swiftly becoming a liability to the team due to his obsession with unravelling codes and patterns in his investigations, but Ruth manages to provide him with some stability, and he eventually comes to grudgingly realise that they work well together.